Corporate Brand

DCM brand mark


DCM brand mark design concept

The three circles in the upper left corner of the DCM logo represent the corporate motto: "Service" for society, "Creation" for the customer, and "Unity" for the community. The logotype expresses the connection of the three parts of the corporate motto through ties with people, creation of products and services, and the store network. At the same time, the orange color represents the joy and splendor of life, and the gentle form of the DCM logotype expresses friendliness and trust.



What we want to convey in "Do Create Mystyle" is the creation of a heart-warming everyday life with a sense of attachment to living. Making family life more enjoyable or enjoying our time alone. This is what we want to do, because that's where our personality lies.

It would be our pleasure if, through our nationwide network of stores, we could bring the lives of our customers closer to the "My Style" they envision. What we want to do at DCM is to deliver new value and coexistence with the community.

We will widely communicate our management philosophy, "Do Create Mystyle" through various opportunities and experiences as the basic spirit of DCM, which will be familiar to everyone as the brand slogan.