Natural environmental protection initiatives

DCM is engaged tree planting activities using cardboard seedling pots called kaminekkon. Employees in and around Hakodate plant trees at the Esan Mountain tree planting site in Hakodate, Hokkaido.
In addition, to create a water resource forest, we planted trees in the Domin-no-Mori forest in Tobetsu Town, Hokkaido, and at a former sand and soil mining site in Isawa Ward of Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, using kaminekkon cardboard seedling pots, which were created in cooperation with citizens at environmental events in Sapporo City and its suburbs and Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. Other activities include tree planting and awareness-raising activities at certified childcare centers and senior citizen facilities through making kaminekkon pots and seedling planting.
We will continue our activities to create a green society where children's smiles never cease.

These kaminekkon cardboard seedling pots were invented by Professor Emeritus Saburo Higashi of Hokkaido University as a pot to create a forest using nature-friendly recycled cardboard. These pots protect the roots compactly with cardboard. They are easy to create even for the first-timers, and people can participate in tree planting activities without having to go to the planting site.
Another feature is that they can participate in the activities while having fun by making these kaminekkon pots and drawing pictures.